Sunday, June 29, 2008

Plans and all that happens in-between

Life is busy- the sun is shining. I am working on two dance pieces at extremes of the scale in some regard. One is the solo that Laura and I seem to have been working on for a long time. I am not complaining - the time we are spending and not spending in the studio is paying off in the work. It is going to be a stunning solo. I am so excited. It no longer looks like the video entry you see on this blog but I agreed not to post it until we both feel ready. At the end of August we will post the new 20 minute version.

The other piece is a group work. I had hoped for 15 dancers. I have been working with between 7 and 12 on different days. I am using this as a self-initiated research opportunity. Originally I planned a two week creation period to realize some ideas. I was then given a performance/presentation opportunity of the work. This is a double edged sword -cloaked in velvet. As a choreographer I want feedback and the dancers want the performance opportunity. However, I also want to have some 'control'
(that word) over what is communicated in the work and that takes time- much longer than two weeks. Or does it?

I am glad to be presenting the work early. I think it can go in several directions. It is forcing me to be clear , simple, and focussed and encouraging me to articulate my needs to the dancers quickly and carefully. I don't want the performance to dictate the research but it is also part of the research so we'll see how this week goes.

Presentations of this very new group work will be on 8 &9 July 2008 @ 8pm at Bloom, produced by Mascall Dance
Details at http://

I am also embarking on a research project to assess professional development opportunities in the city (Vancouver). This is mainly a consultancy for the Dance Centre through which I will be assessing their current programming against other offerings in the community, and also aligning their programming with these external opportunities. I also hope to create a way in which their programmes and the connections between their different pockets of interest can be aligned to show that their support of an artist goes beyond one project. I am also interested in the artists' responsibility in each of these situations. Evaluation/ feedback / follow through and progression are all vague areas currently. How to improve communication will be a focus of my investigation.

More to come...

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