Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2009

What a year! The latter part of which forged trails of exposure. First, I was interviewed for a CBC radio programme which gave me 30 mins air time in which I voice some of my own dance ideas, processes and thoughts. Some of these I heard out loud for the first time. I thank Sheryl MacKay for being so interested and supportive of my musings.

Project CPR and my own show put my choreographic perspective out there on the Vancouver dance floor- as a facilitator and mentor and as an artist and practitioner. I am now also putting myself out there in Vancouver as a teacher within the professional dance milieu. I have ben teaching and choreographing for fifteen years. Some times this community makes me feel like a novice or a fake. It is such a critical and unforgiving community. Protectionist and territorial- I can relate to that. I behave similarly with my home and my friends sometimes (in my weaker moments)- but not with my art anymore.

I am also gearing up for National Novel Writing Month again. November here we come. This time I can use my travels as a point of departure (pardon the pun). I am going to Japan at the end of October and this will undoubtedly give me new inspiration for a novel. My last one started on a plane. I have done a lot of traveling recently.

November also sees the inaugural concert in a new dance series at Christ Church Cathedral which I initiated.
Nov 21st @2pm. More details of this and the show mentioned above on my dance website at

More soon...