Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Dance Writing Trials

Vancouver East Cultural Centre
11 November 2010

Hero & Heroine- The Response
Amber Funk Barton - great turner/ whips around like a ballerina let loose on ice. I get the sense of cartoon hero/heroine, depicting comic strips; taking the frames and stringing them together in movements. Amber Funk Barton and Josh Martin are "Mr and Mrs Smith" without the context. I lose interest quickly. The constant changing dynamics and use of slow-walking to end ideas becomes predictable. There are some extremely powerful and breathtaking moments. These talented dancers are a joy to watch. They command the stage and dance well together. I see so much potential in Amber's work, but I would like to see her tackle more mature themes (or if she is going to stick with relationships, tackle them from a more mature perspective). I find that her works speak to her youthful side, but if she is to grow into her years, she needs to start digging deeper.

Audible - 605 Collective
605 Collective are my guilty pleasure, but after this show I wonder if I need to feel guilty about it anymore. They are -for my money- the most charismatic ensemble that Vancouver has to offer right now, helped enormously by Shay Kuebler's lack of self consciousness on stage. They have a great sense of composition, they exude energy even when standing still. They work together. They work smart and hard and you can tell they care about us, the audience. I saw Audible in 2008. Their style is so 'hip'/current; they are almost in danger of being "so 2008" with this piece. They have given this work a wonderful touring life recently but I am ready to see what they do with a new idea that can speak to their ability to be relevant, youthful and intellectual with their work. I hope the demand for this particular piece does not trap them creatively, because if we are patient I am sure their next piece could blow our socks off all over again and with even more gusto.

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