Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vancouver 2013

So much great dance and theatre in Vancouver. While I am suffering slight withdrawal from the PuSh Festival being over - partly because they create an environment in which artists meet artists meet audiences...there is so much local talent that I can enjoy.  I am a creator too, most of my income goes back to the is paying off in other ways, I have made some smart choices and this year's schedule is packed, creative, career-enhancing and presents a significant period in my choreographic career. I am a confident artist, not arrogant but confident, and I can only be inspired by other people's work. I know how to apply these experiences to my own creation and my own creative thinking. DanceHouse brings us international dance groups of the highest calibre all year and this is such a great thing for Vancouver. I know I benefit from their programming. I  still travel to see my favourite companies (usually balancing creating my own work and guest teaching on these visits, especially to Europe).  DanceHouse allows me to see even more and means I can take risks with what I see when I travel, and at home. I have had the pleasure of working with The Dance Centre in Vancouver for many years. Most recently our company (Restless Productions) was presented in their Global Dance Connections series. They continue to show great work--  Lee Su-Feh and Benoit Lachambre coming up next. Of course Chutzpah and VIDF are here too, ensuring that Vancouver is firmly on the international dance scene. The local companies continue to operate in their own bubbles... there are gatekeepers... but I am no longer interested in trying to open locked gates. I am more interested in how to get around them. There is always a way... I get so excited when I hear that other people are pursuing their dreams.  As Vancouver expands its reputation as an important arts destination, we have to also see that now some of the work being created here is also world-class. Keep it growing Vancouver! Keep it going Vancouver!    

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